UAL’s Learning and Teaching Day

UAL Learning and Teaching Day 2017UAL’s Annual Learning and Teaching Day 2017 was held at CSM.

The link to the slides I used for my ‘Lightning Talk’ about a series of interviews / podcasts I have recorded with UAL colleagues, exploring how teaching and learning is developing and residing within digital spaces and practice is evolving further into ‘the digital’ is here:

Digital Learning Spaces

TEL at UALInterested in Digital Learning Spaces?

You can now listen to UAL academics talking about how they and their students are using digital spaces for reflective practice, research, collaboration, showcasing work and more – @ Discussing Digital Pedagogies.

This is the start of an ongoing audio enquiry I am conducting into digital teaching and learning spaces within the art and design Higher Education context.

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Learning and Teaching Day review

The Learning and Teaching Day held last week @ LCF was extremely enjoyable and informative. The only downside was that there were so many interesting sessions and you cannot be everywhere @ once! (Need to work @ cloning myself! :-))

I managed to be at an interesting and entertaining presentation by Lindsay Jordan which was originally entitled ‘5 Quick Wins’ but was re-titled ‘2 1/2 Quick Wins’ due to the available time being cut 😉 Lindsay covered the use of online video, blogging and some social media in an entertaining and involving way to show was can be and is being done in this area in UAL.

This was swiftly followed by David Sims and Darren Raven from LCC who described and showed how blogs are being used as a PPD Tool by students – their informed enthusiasm and obvious expertise was infectious as was the impressive quality and variety of student blogs shown.

Mike Kelly’s presentation on an ePortfolio platform currently being tested by CLTAD / UAL was also very interesting and proved very popular with the audience – who now look forward to the pilot being rolled out.

Paul Lowe’s presentation on the ‘Learning Studio’ introduced UAL’s ‘MyCPD’ tool to his audience, as well as the concept of the ‘Learning Studio’ as a ‘Community of Practice’ for those working with eLearning tools in UAL. This was an enjoyable session which was interactive and collaborative from the start.

I also hear a rumour that further details and materials from some of the day’s presentations will be made available online soon …